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What is a Domain Name Server?

Domain Name (URL) ManagementWhat is a Domain Name Server(DNS)? Domain Name Server or DNS is where the Domain Name information is stored. The website, when installed on its host server will be assigned an IP Address, a unique address on the hosting server that relates...

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How much does a Domain Name cost?

Domain Name (URL) ManagementHow Much Does a Domain Name Cost? Different domain registrars have different prices to host your Domain Name ranging between a few dollars to as much as $30 per year. If you purchase the Domain Name for multiple years most registrars will...

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How do I get a Domain Name?

Domain Name (URL) ManagementHow Can I Get a Domain Name? In order to buy a Domain Name identify a registrar that provides hosting services and/or registers Domain Names. You can purchase your Domain Name through a hosting service even if you decide to host your...

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What is a Domain Name?

Domain Name (URL) ManagementWhat is a Domain Name? The Domain Name is the name before “the dot” (or period) and what follows after “the dot” (or period) such as .com or .net which is the extension. For instance, our Domain Name is It is a...

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