Radio, TV & Print Advertising (Outbound Marketing)


Video Production

Videos for website content is one of the most effective way to communicate your message, and the search engines love them.

The Marketing Department in Malvern, PA can develop your next video:

  • Branding and positioning strategy
  • Script and story development
  • Storyboarding the concepts and visuals
  • Production onsite or in studio
  • Post production editing
  • Voiceover recording and music
  • Graphics and animation
  • File formatting for You Tube, Vimeo, website, etc.

Radio, TV and Print

The small and medium sized business market is often challenged with determining the optimal strategic option on just how and where to advertise their business or product.

Should I do mass media like radio or TV; should I stay focused with print either through newspapers or magazines, or through direct mail? Should the focus be only online digital search engine marketing (SEM) such as banner ads, search engine Ad Words, or social advertising on Facebook or LinkedIn or some other social channels?

And then there is always the questions, am I trying to generate leads, or am I trying to build my brand or both? And how much should I spend on advertising campaigns?

Our years of experience allows us to target your audience and advertise your product or services, so you can see real results.

Key Features:

  • Custom written copy/script by our creative team
  • Complete production and editing of the ad, including music and voice-over if required
  • Delivery to media channel

Public Relations Services

There are many ways to launch or re-launch your business or increase your sales. You control some of those with pricing, product enhancements, or customer service. But you may also want to turn to public relations as a way to improve your bottom line and become more visible in the community.

Public relations can include many things – and The Marketing Department can help with all of them:

  • Publicity, or non-controlled media placement
  • Advertising (purchasing of ad space in any number of media)
  • Press Agency
  • Public Affairs (also known as Community Relations)