E-commerce Solutions

Turning your website into a location where someone can purchase your product or products comes with its own unique strategies and challenges.  All e-commerce websites require customized website infrastructures that fit your business needs.

Whether your business requires a brand new online store or e-commerce integration of an existing website, we have the tools and knowledge to turn clicks in to dollar signs.

Every business owner should have the capabilities to run their e-commerce store smoothly without any problems.  The Marketing Department will take the time to explain all functions of your online store and offer a full complement of e-commerce programming services that can get your store seamlessly integrated with your website.

E-commerce services include

  1. Graphic Design of E-commerce store
  2. Download and installation of WordPress WooCommerce Plugin
  3. Download and installation of any additional specialty plug-ins specific to your e-commerce needs including:
    • Shipping and handling integration
    • Shipping Label Printing
    • Mass Data import (from Excel)
    • inventory management
    • We download and install anything you may need for your e-commerce store available in the WooCommerce catalog
  4. Integration of photos and products
  5. Marketing consulting in areas like online shipping, payment integration and SSL purchasing
  6. Option for recorded WordPress training session to manage online inventory and product attributes
  7. Prompt online support with TMDmalvern and our Creative Center