Industrial and consumer packaged goods manufacturers tend to be regional, national or global suppliers. They market themselves as niche players focusing on their specialty such as discrete manufacturing (cars, integrated circuits, tires, etc.), as batch process manufacturers (pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy, chemical, etc.) or continuous manufacturers (fabric, carpet, etc.).

Online presence is targeted to B to B for a national or international audience. Large multinational companies, like P&G, Budweiser, Kraft, Intel, etc., can afford a balanced marketing approach using both inbound marketing and traditional advertising, with mega million dollar budgets.

For the smaller manufacturer, that cannot afford national advertising campaigns, inbound marketing is the most cost effective way to drive leads through their online presence.

Video is a great marketing vehicle for manufacturing companies. It creates an opportunity to tell a story, or create interesting ways to talk about your products and technologies in a way that can really connect with your prospective clients. Videos create opportunities to showcase your business in interesting and creative ways. Search engines give high marks for video content on your website, and there is always the potential the video can go viral.

Marketing services we can provide to manufacturers:

  • Marketing plan for branding and market penetration
  • Website
  • Product (technology) demonstrations & training videos
  • Brochure and logo design
  • Public relations
  • Trade show marketing support
  • Inbound marketing (Google ad words, SEO, social media, blogging and content development services)