Professional Services

Professional services tend to be local or regional service providers and market themselves as consultants focusing on their specialty such as legal, accounting, insurance, information technology, etc. The online presence of professional services facilitates either direct to consumer, business to business or sometimes both.

Professional practice marketing tends towards credentialing specialty skills and expertise and relies heavily on referrals for business development. Some groups, like financial planners and insurance agencies, are heavily regulated placing restrictions on aggressive marketing. Marketing the professional practice is well supported by both inbound marketing and outbound marketing (advertising) strategies.

Inbound marketing allows the professional to differentiate their company by enhancing the role of their website from serving as an online brochure to providing rich information (content) on their professional specialty. Professional practice website content marketing strategy can go beyond credentialing their specialty skills and expertise. The website content can be used to educate and inform prospective clients enriching the viewer experience, making your website a magnet for potential clients.

Advertising for professional consultants and professional services has declined in popularity and effectiveness over the last several years. This is especially true for the small local regional firm. This segment of the market can leverage their marketing budgets more effectively through inbound marketing, which according to HubSpot ( has published data showing the cost per lead through inbound marketing is less than traditional advertising. This is not to suggest that advertising should be abandoned as a strategy. HubSpot also has data showing a balanced approach is beneficial.

Video is a great marketing vehicle for professional service providers. It creates an opportunity to tell a story, or create interesting ways to talk about your area of expertise in a way that can really connect with your prospective clients. Videos create opportunities to showcase your business in interesting and creative ways, this is especially true if your specialty involves some complex concepts. Search engines give high marks for video content on your website, and there is always the potential the video can go viral.

Marketing services we can provide to professional practices:

  • Traditional website (online brochure)
  • Mobile website
  • Video production
  • Brochure and logo design
  • Outbound marketing (local/regional advertising –radio, TV, print, direct mail, every door direct mail, e-Mail, and PR)
  • Inbound marketing (Google ad words, LinkedIn, SEO, blogging and content development)
  • Promotional items