Strategic Marketing

marketing strategy

The small business owner is often challenged with determining the optimal strategic option on how to spend their marketing budget.

There are many options including traditional advertising on radio, TV or print, and modern day inbound marketing as well as other digital/social media options like Ad Words and banner ads.

Fortunately the Internet has leveled the playing field where even a small business with a modest budget can generate as many or more leads than the biggest of companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets. Want to learn how?

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and product roadmap development is usually considered the type of process and activity you do in large companies, but small companies need this even more than the big company. Why, because your cash and resources are usually more limited than a larger company, and therefore you can ill afford to make a major strategic blunder as a small business.

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The managing partner in The Marketing Department, Malvern, PA has extensive experience in strategic and operational planning honed in big companies like Honeywell and Mars, and others, and can mentor small business owners in the process.

Business Marketing and Plan Development

The Marketing Department, located on the Main Line, PA, can write a business plan or marketing plan that will excite your bankers or prospective investors. Our managing partner, Cary Baskin, has written several business plans for entrepreneurs, some of which were successfully used to raise initial rounds of venture funding.

CMO for Hire

The Marketing Department in Malvern PA offers a unique service, CMO for hire, which provides you with a chief marketing officer that will be there when you need one, for the projects you need him/her for.

Everything you need, from your brand image to marketing materials, to website management or social media campaigns is supported by the power of our experienced marketing team. And you decide when and where you want your CMO to work for you. Daily? Weekly? Monthly? From TMD offices or on-site? It’s up to you.

CMO for hire. Save time. Save office space. Drive revenue.