The Marketing Department of Malvern, PA provides website design and development services to clients in Philadelphia and surrounding communities including Chester County PA.

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Today, the center of every company’s marketing focus is its website. It is where your brand is most likely to be encountered first, given that almost all shopping or product research starts online. The website needs to embody your brand personality and express your brand promise and positioning with clarity.

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The Marketing Department in Malvern, PA has designed and developed websites for many types of businesses, and always with a design that was unique to the needs of the business. Take a look at our Portfolio to see great examples of how we personalize every website project.

In today’s market, more browsing is happening on mobile devices than desktops. We can employ responsive design to mobile optimize your main website regardless of the type of mobile device, or build a customized mobile solution to meet your unique needs.

Having a website is no guarantee that anyone will see it. Optimizing the website to improve the probability of being found on a Google search used to involve some structural elements and gaming the system with keywords. This process no longer works. Today, companies employ inbound marketing techniques, to help prospects find your product or service. And for companies who operate as a local business, we employ strategies to “local optimize” your website and web presence through a variety of techniques.

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