Our Process


Our Website Development Process and How We Work

Specification Phase

Every website project starts with a Proposal which incorporates a project description, list of deliverables and the associated costs.

Our process is highly collaborative, where the client has ample opportunity to reinforce requirements and review our progress throughout the entire development process.

Projects begin with an hour-long interview where we finalize requirements, learn about your business, what makes you unique, and what your brand represents, all of which is incorporated into the branding strategy for the Home, About Us and Products / Services pages.

Design Phase

If it is a custom website design, we will assign a graphic designer to develop some Homepage concepts, around which we collaborate and iterate until you have a design you are completely delighted with.

If it is a semi-custom website design (our more popular service) we will select some Themes from a family of over 700 pre-built template options to present to you. After picking one Theme, we collaborate, and iterate the design customizing, colors, fonts, photos to make the design fit your personal tastes and preferences.

Development Phase

When the Homepage design is approved, we will then design the interior pages, all of which inherit the Homepage design features (color, fonts, background, Header, Footer, etc.).

When the interior page designs are done, if a custom design, we will then develop each individual page.  If a semi-custom design from a template, we will change each interior page to comply with the design.

QA & Testing Phase

When the development is completed, we will provide a link to the client to review the Staging site. In parallel with the client review, we are testing the site and adding any custom functions like a lead form, or special purpose plugin, to incorporate the needed functionality.

Launch Phase

We then asked the client to do a final review and approve the website for launch.

After the launch we do additional test testing for browser compatibility, load time performance and other QA tests.

Maintenance Phase

Website updates, edits, enhancements

Website Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

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