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Client Testimonial

There is no greater satisfaction when a customer sends us a note like this:

We just had one of our customers let us know they really loved our website. They said whoever created that website did a phenomenal job because it made it very easy for seniors to navigate. So I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate it.

– Jill O.
Ohler Insurance

Today, the focus of every company’s marketing is its website. It’s where your brand is most likely to be encountered first, given that almost all shopping and product research starts online. Your website needs to embody your brand’s personality and express your brand promise and positioning with clarity.

The Marketing Department, Malvern, PA develops websites designed to serve as:

  • An online brochure for companies who rely on referrals for new business
  • A content driven website designed for lead generation through Inbound Marketing / Content Marketing
  • A catalog website to highlight many products
  • E-Commerce website to promote and sell products online
  • A fund raising website for nonprofit organizations

Our website clients range from solo-entrepreneurs to small and mediums sized companies as far north as Maine and as far south as Florida.

We have developed websites for many types of businesses across many industries:

  • Professional practices (doctors, lawyers, accountants, dental practices, psychiatry)
  • Professional services (IT, building services, business phone systems, physical therapy, private investigator, outsourced CFO, copywriters, architects, Medicare insurance, general insurance, tutoring, etc.)
  • The trades (general contractors, plumbers, roofers, HVAC, civil engineering, etc.)
  • Industrial, technology and manufacturing (crane manufacturer, machine shop, chromatography, etc.)
  • Service organizations (business association, American Legion, trade association, etc.)
  • Real Estate (retirement communities, student housing, etc.)
  • Nonprofits (schools, daycare center, cancer research, children’s special needs services, Bible study, etc.)
  • Brick & mortar and online retail (wedding invitations, greeting cards, kitchen cabinets, etc.)
  • Others (entertainers, artists, etc.)

We can do this because we have a disciplined process, which is not about the industry, but about you and your brand.

Over the years we have incorporated a variety of customizations to add special functions or integrate the website into the client’s business operations:

  • Calendar
  • Custom fields
  • Membership App
  • Database integration
  • HIPAA forms integration
  • Image slider and photo gallery
  • Integrate lead form with email
  • Credit card payment integration
  • Complex forms with conditional logic
  • Integrate Spreadsheet with on-page information
  • ….and more!

Customer satisfaction starts with managing expectation.

We believe a detailed Website Project Description is the best way to communicate the Scope of Work:

  • Project goals for design, development and copy
  • TMD deliverables included in the Scope of Work
  • What’s not included in the Scope of Work
  • Client responsibilities
  • Schedule
  • System description
  • Site architecture (navigation and type of pages)
  • Project cost summary
  • Payment terms
  • Website hosting options
  • Post installation ongoing support options

Generally, we provide fixed costs project terms based on the Project Description, often with flexible payment terms if needed.

Often, included in the project cost is:

  • Creating a developer site on the server
  • Install WordPress, Builder, Theme and Plugins specified in the Scope of Work
  • Website design and development
  • Adding all copy to the website
  • Install website on the designated Hosting Server
  • Website Testing (forms, links, browser compatibility, mobile-responsiveness)
  • Install SSL Certificate
  • Upload the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Policy
  • Install the Cookies Plugin

In addition to website design & development we offer website support services:

  • Website maintenance plans (monthly, quarterly, time & material), (update WordPress, Theme, and Plugins)
  • Website support for enhancements and edits
  • Website hosting (on WP Engine and GoDaddy)
  • Domain Name sales and hosting
  • Website marketing
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How do you know when you need a new website?

  • The website is old, design looks dated
  • Need website to generate more leads
  • Starting a business and need a website
  • The website has fallen way behind the competition
  • The website is not structured to support the sales process
  • The website does not display well on a mobile phone or tablet
  • Spent a lot of money to build a website, and it feels like it’s invisible, no traffic, no leads
  • I was cash starved when I started the business and paid my neighbor’s kid to design my website and it doesn’t look professional

How do you know when you need a Search Engine Optimization project?

  • Not getting enough traffic to generate enough leads
  • The website has fallen way behind the competition
  • The website is not structured to support the sales process
  • Technology obsolescence
  • Website needs to catch up with a new business model, or new family of products
  • Acquisition or merger
Not sure what website strategy is best for you?

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