Website Maintenance and Support


Protect your website from security risks and potential site failure with our monthly maintenance service.

The average website owner does not think about website maintenance.  It is rarely top of mind, and for the most part viewed as either a necessary or unnecessary business expense.  

A website contains a database and several pieces of software all of which resides on a web server.  Just like the software on your personal computer, it needs to be updated from time to time.  Website maintenance, then, is the practice of updating the software that runs your website, and can include, updating the software that runs on the web server where your website is hosted.

The criticality of website maintenence is to keep it up-to-date so that:

  • Vulnerability to malware is kept at a minimum
  • The many pieces of software on your website are kept syncronized to compatible operating versions
  • Keep the website compliant to the ever changing search engine algorithm

Maintenence Plans

We offer monthly Maintenence-Only Plans and monthly Maintenence Plus Support Plans.

The monthly cost depends on the size of the website and the utilities availble through the website hosting plans.

Monthly maintenance includes:

  • Backup before updates
  • Speed check before and after updates
  • Updating of WordPress, themes, and plugins
  • Recommendations for cleaning up media library, pages, posts or form entries
  • Recommendations for removing any unnecessary plugins
  • Backup after updates
  • Updating PHP

Other (optional) support services include:

  • Editing copy (text)
  • Adding new pages for new services or content
  • Updating images or photos
  • Replacing plugins no longer supported with an equivalent plugin
  • Adding new plugins for additional functionality or improved security
  • Domain name transfer
  • Website hosting transfer
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