Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Marketing is an online marketing strategy that is meant to bring web traffic, already searching for your products and services, to your website. Web users are presented with ads on the very top and the right hand side of Search Engine results pages. When, and only when one of your ads is clicked, the advertiser is charged a small fee depending on the keyword that was searched.  Usually advertisers are competing against their competition for the top 3 spots on top of the search engines results page. While many think that Pay Per Click marketing is purely an auction system where the biggest budget wins, they are mistaken.

While placing the correct bid on a keyword is a factor, A Google AdWords campaign has several moving parts and, when optimized correctly, can bring an influx of pre-qualified traffic to your website while filtering out unnecessary clicks. Their are several optimization factors and strategies that are needed to create a profitable AdWords campaign however, the ultimate goal is to stay relevant through the web users journey of viewing your ad, clicking on your ad and taking them to a page on your website that they expect to see.

Google, and all search engines, reward advertisers that take web users to exactly what they are searching for and, this is exactly what we do for our Pay Per Click clients at The Marketing Department Malvern. We strategically develop:

  • Keyword lists with a deep keyword analysis to identify keywords with the most potential
  • Research the optimal campaign budgets
  • Group keywords in relevant Ad Groups
  • Develop enticing, relevant, and optimized ad copy and offers
  • Design highly relevant landing pages for each Ad Group
  • Filter out negative keywords
  • Share campaign reports with every client
  • Use data driven analysis to constantly optimize your campaign.