Website Design

What are my Website Design Options?

In considering the design of your website you have several elements to consider all of which influence the tone and style of the website resulting in an emotional connection and first impression.

Examples of tone include:

  • Professional
  • High Tech
  • Edgy
  • Elegant
  • Fun or Happiness

Some design decisions are carried across the whole website and affect every page, while others are unique to specific pages including:

Sitewide Design Decisions

  • Background color of the header at the top of the page
  • Font style and font color for the main navigation, hover/selection action color
  • Heading font type, color and size
  • Body copy font type, color and size
  • Page background (white or color, with a gradient, have texture or blended graphic elements)
  • Add a custom design feature to the bullets
  • Button design (size, shape, color, font type and color, border or no border)
  • Footer background color, font type, color and size, and how many columns
  • Size, color and placement of social icons

Individual Page Design Decisions

  • Size and shape of main photo at the top of the page (single photo, collage, or photos in a slider)
  • Add messaging in the main photo (font type, size and color)
  • How to organize the information on the page
  • Use Call-to-Action, how many and where to place them

 Audience Appreciation

In addition to all the design choices described above, the design needs to take into consideration the website visitor, are they:

  • Male or female, young, middle-aged or older
  • High or low income, college-educated
  • Business professionals or consumers
  • Likely to have a disability impacting usability

Each demographic can react differently to color, font style, and simplicity or complexity of the design.

Business Goals

The business goals of the website also influence the design.  For example, is the goal to educate with an online brochure, or is the goal to generate leads or to sell merchandise directly through the website?  All of these present unique design challenges.

It is the role of the graphic designer to bring all these website design elements together into a cohesive look and feel that gives the visitor the “first” impression you are trying to make with your brand.

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Your design options are limitless as will be explained in this blog.