Domain Name (URL) Management

What is a Domain Name?

The Domain Name is the name before “the dot” (or period) and what follows after “the dot” (or period) such as .com or .net which is the extension. For instance, our Domain Name is

It is a unique identifier like your phone number; it must be registered with a registrar who will store or host the Domain Name on a Domain Name Server (DNS).

A Registrar is the company who administers your domain name subscription, making sure that it cannot be stolen, and cannot be duplicated and sold by any other Registrar. Domain names can be transferred to another Registrar, with some restrictions during renewal times.

Domain names are purchased for annual or multiple-year subscriptions up to a maximum of 10 years. The cost declines if your subscription goes for more time.  It is better to buy your domain name for the five or 10 year option for three reasons:

  1. If you forget to renew your domain name, you could lose it.
  2. It is a nuisance to have to remember to renew it every year.
  3. The search engine will give more credence to the longevity of your domain.

When buying the domain, it is recommended to activate the Auto-Renew option, which will automatically renew it, as long as you keep your credit card up-to-date. It is a good practice to note when your credit card expires on your calendar with a reminder to update your billing with the Registrar, because if your renewal notices go unnoticed, you will lose your domain and may not be able to get it back.