Website CMS

What is a WordPress CMS?

WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is an open-source computer program that makes it easier to manage website content and website page design. 

Over the years WordPress CMS functionality has been extended through thousands of add-on applications called plugins.

Benefits of WordPress CMS

  • Open source, free to use (install, deploy and upgrade)
  • Compared to HTML programming, it is easier to develop resulting in faster development
  • Compatible with page builders which adds another layer of ease of development and use
  • Flexibility to support any type of website requirement and any design goal
  • Freedom to modify & extend
  • Thousands of plugins (apps) to extend functionality
  • Full control of design, programming, functionality
  • Tools and backend access for SEO
  • Portability, you own it

With all of these capabilities you might think WordPress CMS will be hard to learn. Not really. There are numerous websites to help you learn. Just Google “How to Learn WordPress” or type it into the YouTube search bar. Classes range from beginner courses to courses for the more experienced. Some have costs associated with classes while others are free. A good place to start is: 

There you will find blogs and videos. Don’t let the thought of coding dissuade you, WordPress doesn’t require coding.  Check out the multiple resources available to you and start building your website today.

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