What is an Alt Tag and Why You Should Use Them?

Alt Tags are the Meta Descriptions used to describe the images used on your website. It should summarize the purpose of the image.  The Alt Tag text which describes an important photo (i.e. a product) makes it possible for the search engine to find it, interpret the meaning or content of the photo, and index it. Strictly decorative photos do not need Alt Tags.

How many characters are allowed in a Alt Tag

Technically speaking there is no limitation.  As a practical matter, best practice is to be between 100 and 125 characters.  If accessibility is the goal, the recommendation is 100 characters.  Google will count about 15 words which are roughly equivalent to about 125 characters.

Alt Tags aid the Search Engine

  • Can contain keywords related to your product or service
  • Provide another place to describe your product or service
  • Provide a unique description of the photo or image

Alt Tags Enable Accessibility

For the visually impaired, an Alt Tag assists with website accessibility when connected to screen readers.

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