What is a Meta Description?

A Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is presented to a viewer when they do a search on Google.  Each company listed on the SERP has three components a Title Tag, the website URL, and a Meta Description.

The Meta Description is about 180 characters used to describe what information the visitor can expect to see on the specific website page listed on the SERP.

The best way to use the Meta Description is to think of it as an ad because there can be up to fourteen search results to choose from.  The Meta Description copy gives you the opportunity to differentiate your Meta Description from the competing search results and speak directly to the searcher.  The goal is to get the searcher to click on your website.

The Meta Description is not a Google Ranking Factor, but Click-Thru-Rate is, so give thoughtful consideration to the Meta Description copy and Title Tag keywords to speak directly to your ideal customer’s search intent.

Speak directly to your ideal customer’s search intent with the use of Meta Tags.