Content Strategy


What is Content Strategy?

Before thinking about your content strategy, first identify the business objectives and goals for your website. Once you know what you want to accomplish then begin developing your content strategy which will facilitate meeting your goals and objectives.

The primary goal of your content is to educate and inform your ideal customer by providing useful, usable information. Content can reinforce your branding message, describe a product or service or provide in-depth insights relevant to your industry or market.

Good Content

  • Original, authentic and authoritative
  • Keeps visitors on the page (a Google Ranking Factor)
  • Builds trust in your brand
  • Wanting more, so they come back often
  • Encourages visitors to accept a call to action or visit other pages on your site

Content Types
Content can take on many forms including:

  • Infographic
  • White paper
  • Case study
  • Blog or articles
  • News releases
  • Brochure
  • Video (most effective form of content)
  • On-page copy

For additional information on content strategy see the beginners guide from WordStream:

Content strategy will change as your goals, objectives, and product offerings evolve .

A thoughtful content plan, designed to educate and inform visitors throughout the Buyers Journey will keep your visitors on the site and help with your relevance to Google.

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