Website Hosting FAQ


What Is Website Hosting?

Web hosting is when a hosting company designates space to store files on a server that makes those files available for viewing on a website. Every website is housed on a server. HTML, CSS, and image files must be located on a server to be seen online.

How To Choose A Hosting Company

According to an article on C-Net “Great hosting boils down to the 3 S’s: speed, support and security,” said Adam Berry, digital director at Wingard Creative. Nasdaq’s Simon Ball, head of digital media services at Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, said scalability is also critical. “You need the ability to rapidly scale your website as your target audience grows and the resiliency to handle sudden bursts of high traffic,” said Ball.”

In fact, there are more than 300,000 website hosting companies to choose from.  So  it is the 4 S’s: speed, scalability, support, and security, plus affordability that drives our selection process.

Sounds daunting, no worries, we have done the homework for you and are resellers of WP Engine, SiteGround and GoDaddy website hosting solutions. 

Each option has their pros & cons, so we match you up with the optimal solution based on your budget and the mission criticallity of your website.

How Much Does Hosting Cost?

Our hosting plan options range from about $199 per year to around $400 per year depending on options and service level needed.

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